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About eMerge M&A

You built your company ... it's very important to you.
And it's very important to us too.

One day you will leave it. We provide you with options — options that work for you.

Originally founded in 1989, we have valued or consulted with well over 3,000 private companies across industry sectors. We have confidentially opened a market for, and sold, 100's of private companies.

We have over 30 years of archived data and we know what creates value in the eyes of a buyer(s) ... more importantly, we're on your side.

In those situations where owners have elected to have us confidentially open and make a market for them, we have generated premium offers in 100% of the time.

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No One Has
More Experience With Private Companies.
No one.
Since 1989, We Have Consulted With Over 3,000 Private Companies.
Many Of Our Senior Professionals Are Former Business Owners. We Have Sat In Your Chair.
We Have a 100% Success Rate In Creating Premium Offers.
We Produce Videos On Our Clients' Companies.
We Embrace New Technologies To Be More
We Know What Creates Value In the Eyes Of a Buyer; But – We’re On Your Side.
Our Services
Based on our experience and resources, we have a 100% success rate in creating premium offers to our clients.
Custom Strategies
The eMerge Advantage
Until eMerge M&A owners of privately-held companies did not have access to certain alternatives and expertise available to the rest of the market.
Open the market and sell 100% of your company at the right time for the highest price, or...
"Take some chips off the table" and still be involved with managing and growing the business. Get paid out for some portion of the company now while allowing for upside potential creating "two bites at the apple”, or...
Management teams or family members do not typically have the cash an owner wants at closing. Sell to them while still capitalizing on the fruits of your labor. The key is to find the right equity partner, or...
Others, many exist; the key is to custom tailor a strategy.
Regardless of the transaction alternative targeted at the beginning;
  • Each transaction alternative has the same objective; the Highest Quality Transaction.
  • Each alternative empowers an owner to choose the best successor.
  • An owner can change their mind mid-process and choose a different alternative.
All options start the same way and the M&A Process is the same. Click here for the eMerge M&A flowchart
The complete or partial sale of a privately-held company is much more complex than Wall Street mega-deals. The potential buyer pool is larger and the transaction issues are more complex and varied.
Michael Ryan President
We Get Results
Deal Metrics by eMerge
Take a look at our Deal Metrics gathered from numerous closed transactions in every business sector since 2001.

100% of companies we have taken to market we have generated premium offers.

Only 8% of sellers had ever even heard of their eventual buyer.

Average targeted prospective acquirers in a Buyers List was 270.

Average response rate from the market was 21%, nearly doubling the M&A industry standard of 11%.

Average number of days between hiring eMerge and executing an LOI was 225 days.

In 30% of closed transactions, the seller decided to retain some equity and grow the business with the buyer.

PEG’s executed 76% of incoming Confidentiality Agreements but represented 21% of buyers on closed transactions.

PEG’s with platform companies represented 24% of closed transactions.

Strategic buyers represented 55% of closed transactions consisting of 73% private companies and 27% publicly traded buyers.

Our Team & Offices We’ve been to the other side. You’re not alone.
Client Testimonials
Suzanne Hand Hand Court Reporting

At the outset I was very impressed with plan outlined by eMerge (M&A).

I can’t say enough about my deal manager, Susan Schaper.  She spent quite a bit of time getting to know me and my business in creating the Confidential Business Review before going to market.  Susan saw intangible value in my company that brought multiple offers and, ultimately, was a major factor in the sale.  I had no idea how complicated the sale process is and I’m so grateful for the guidance and support I received throughout the transaction.  I have already recommended Susan and eMerge to several business owners.

C. John Wiley Concept Frames, Inc.

When I met eMerge M&A they said they would get to know my company almost as well as me and have my back during the M&A process; both of which turned out to be true. They took the time to do the analytical work and study my company. They then used what they learned to develop a Buyer List. They were at my side as we spoke to various buyers and we finally settled on an international, publicly traded, strategic acquirer. eMerge had a great handle on the closing process in addition to negotiating a long term Employment Agreement for me and the other shareholders. The final purchase price was 54% higher than we first expected and they protected me at every turn in the closing process.

I couldn’t have done it without eMerge M&A.

Duane Gentry Gentry Heating Inc.

From the negotiation of the contract with the buyer, all the way through to the close of it, it went very smooth.  I will say it’s not a super easy process but it was a solid process and it made sense.  And I can tell you that eMerge M&A had their act together.  I could not have done as well as I did had I not used these guys to help me with this transaction.

I’m very pleased with the result and I’m happy that I got to know Mike Ryan and Tom Stephens.

Bruce & Darlene Isabelle Prototek Sheetmetal Fabrication, LLC

Right from the very beginning, they did exactly what they said they were going to do. They kept our anonymity as we requested throughout the entire process. They handled the tough issues with grace and dignity all the while, having our backs in the process.

We would definitely recommend eMerge M&A to anyone looking to sell their company!

Jeff Presley Eastport Holdings

We have done business with the team at eMerge M&A for over six years and have successfully completed multiple transactions with them. They are knowledgeable, professional and have the expertise necessary to effectively deal with all the complex dynamics involved in buying and selling middle market companies.