Duane Gentry is a seasoned executive who brings over 30 years of business, accounting, and entrepreneurial experience to eMerge M&A. Mr. Gentry’s experience includes 10 years in banking & financial management for Fortune 500 Companies. In 1998, he purchased a large company serving as president for 22 years. After growing the company’s revenue 20X, he sold it in 2018 and stayed on and served as president of his former company and Chief Operating Officer of the regional, platform company. Mr. Gentry has reviewed, consulted and valued dozens of companies, and has managed and directed multiple M&A transactions since 2018.

Mr. Gentry is a graduate of the University of NC with a BA in Finance.  He obtained an MBA from the University of NC Pembroke and an Executive Mergers and Acquisitions Certification from Columbia Business School. He holds an unlimited mechanical contractor’s license in three states. Duane is very active in his local community, mentoring young leaders and serving various charitable and mission organizations.