M&A Process

eMerge’s M&A process has 100% success rate in generating premium offers.

When selling a publicly traded company, simply pick up the phone, call your Financial Advisor, get the publicly visible stock quote, sell your shares, and the money is in your account later that day. The same is not true for privately-held companies.

Publicly traded companies have market makers, greater access to buyers and therefore enjoy more efficient markets. More efficient markets provide for higher market values.

The eMerge M&A Process is designed to confidentially make markets to provide access to the greatest number of institutional buyers for privately-held companies. This increases market efficiency resulting in the Highest Quality Transaction.

Making an efficient market is only the beginning though. The due diligence and closing phase is perhaps more challenging than making the market. Complex issues arise in the moment …
we have seen them all - and we're on your side.

Download the eMerge M&A Flowchart