Divesting certain lines of business can bring sharper focus to the core business’ overall strategy providing better results.

Data shows that companies which properly divest non-core business divisions perform better over time.

Divestitures need to be given careful thought followed by deliberate execution of the M&A sale process. Many companies simply treat non-core business divisions as “out of sight, out of mind” and do not realize the cost or missed opportunity by not divesting.

Once the decision is made to divest a business division or operating unit, the sale process is no different than a “regular” M&A transaction. Often, certain overlapping, shared or co-mingled operations need to be identified and carved out when developing the M&A marketing material.

Divesting a business unit provides:

  • Additional cash resources for the parent company, and
  • More focus on the parent company’s core business.

We have over 30 years of experience in confidentially opening markets and selling private companies,
either stand-alone or divestitures of a business unit.
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