The team at eMerge M&A clearly explained the acquisition process to us and worked as partners to achieve our goal.  To present a compelling case to potential buyers, our deal manager, Stephen, took the time to get to know us and understand important details about our business – including our manufacturing expertise and internal processes, our workforce, our robotics and automation capabilities, our industry certifications, and the inelastic demand of our customers.

eMerge M&A managed the process of identifying and negotiating with interested buyers, to provide compelling offers, then served as our advocate through the entire sale process.  In the end, we’re confident that we chose the best offer for our company.   Additionally, the eMerge team worked with the acquirer to close the deal on a very tight year-end timeline – saving us a substantial amount of money, due to upcoming changes in our state’s tax code.

It was a stressful process, to be sure; but the eMerge team’s experience, guidance, and network reach helped get the job done – even connecting us with a terrific M&A attorney, when our own counsel could not meet our year-end deadline.

We would highly recommend eMerge M&A if you are considering selling your company.